lørdag 11. juni 2011

Wedding in Zagreb

Last October we were invited to
 Petra and Vedran`s wedding in Zagreb,
and of course  we said yes to go :-)

We didn`t want to miss this moment .

When we arrived Zagreb, Vedran picked us up
at the airport, and we had the most warm
welcome you can imagine.

 Visiting The Boss at the Agency Office, to
meet people and have a glass
 of their ownproduced wine :-)

Me and Jarle with the Bosses youngest daughter, Natasha and Inez.

It was a big wedding with about 130 guests,
and we got to know so many nice people.

Getting married

We got lovely food, and this was a new tradition to us:
so many different servings, and so much food.
Traditional and lovely Croation food,
and the cakes....!!!!

A great band was playing, and also some guys
came to sing and play traditional songs.

We had a great time!!

We loved Zagreb;
and we were really taken care of! 

Definitely going back to Zagreb another time!

Petra and Vedran:
next time - come and visit us in Bergen! 


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