søndag 6. august 2017

The black side of my closet

Inspired by my friend Kari`s (momentsintime)
"Capsule of a wardrobe",
I started to reorganize my closet......
Since I work in a fashion store, I buy a lot of clothes, but not necessarily use them so much.
 So , first of all, I started to look over every thing in my closet, and got rid of the ones I never use.
Then I divided my closet in two areas:
one blue colours, and one black/white.

Suddenly I realized I do have a lot of black clothes.
This black jacket has been my favourite for a long time, 
and goes along with skirts and jeans, even a dress.
And also, I realize I do have a kind of ruff style.
I`m not the flower and lace girl.
The blue side of my closet is more femine,
but I have to admit: I love the black and white style.

Trying to get some colours in;
yellow and black is a good one.

My favourite shoes this summer:
my yellow  from Bianco.

 Jacket and skirt from Lindex.
Yellow top bought in Prague.

Kari :-)

If you want to see more from Momentsintime go to:

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