mandag 25. mars 2013

Beautiful Bergen City

Finally a day off from work!!

It`s Easter holiday, and we are
so blessed with sunny weather.

Today I was a tourist in my hometown...
going on a trip with Fløibanen Funicular

 A ride on the Fløibanen Funicular is a real must,
when visiting Bergen.
In only a few minutes,
the funicular takes you up to the top of Fløyen,
awarding breathtaking views of Bergen,
wonderful scenery and great hikes.

The funicular runs on rails and has two carriages - Rødhette (in red) and Blåmann (in blue). Each carriage has capacity for up to 100 passengers. The modern design carriages have ceilings of glass to afford the best views, and take you up the mountainside at a speed of 4.2 metres per second.

On the top, I had wonderful wiew; 
here I can see another mountain: Ulriken,
which is the highest in town

Lovely wiews to other parts of town

Town Centre and the harbour

Old parts of Bergen; 
small houses very close to each other

Statsraad Lehmkuhl, built in 1914,
now serving as a school ship
for the Royal Norwegian Navy.

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